Product Engineer III

Engineering · Taguig City, Metro Manila
Department Engineering
Employment Type Probationary
Minimum Experience Mid-level

About First Circle

First Circle is deeply committed to driving productive economic growth in the world’s most exciting markets in SE Asia. We use intuitive product design and advanced data analytics to provide trade credit to un- and under-banked SMEs in the Philippines.

Proprietary underwriting models in a data scarce environment have enabled us to create a $50b market in the Philippines soon expanding to a $200b SE Asia regional opportunity. Our customer-centric approach has resulted in a Net Promoter Score of 82 and negative net churn through time.

We believe in a meritocracy for our customers and our team: access to credit and career development based solely on performance and potential. Our team brings deep experience in finance, technology, growth and design from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater, Uber, and CompareAsiaGroup. We’re backed by some of the world’s best VC & DFI investors.

About the Role

First Circle is looking for a motivated and positive individual to join our Engineering team as a Product Engineer III. In this role, you will play a key role in the development of our in-house products by delivering well designed technical solutions in clean and maintainable code, making your unique contribution in building amazing solutions for our customers.

Performance Objectives

To achieve this, the successful candidate will be responsible supporting the Engineering team with tasks related to:


  • Design and deliver robust, scalable and secure solutions.
  • Write clean, maintainable, efficient and well tested code
  • Build new features with Ruby on Rails, ReactJS experience, and JavaScript
  • Perform code reviews and pair programming
  • Follow best practices (test-driven development, continuous integration, adhering to coding standards)


We're looking for the following Competencies

Don't worry if you don't yet meet all of them to a high standard, we will put in place a path for you to continuously learn and get better.


  1. Software Engineering
    1. Writes high quality code in a programming language, adhering to coding best practices and principles.
    2. Can continuously refactor code to improve structure and readability. Able to teach SOLID principles, and regularly applies them. Understands all language constructs, and common libraries, and knows when to use them.
  2. Software Architecture
    1. Makes "decisions on the things that are hard to change", e.g. tools, API boundaries, and design of interconnected systems.
    2. Able to lead a conversation about API design between system components. Knows a variety of programming languages, data layer technologies, and cloud infrastructure technologies, and can discuss the tradeoffs between them. Knows some distributed system patterns, and knows when to apply them.
  3. Software Testing
    1. Ensure the high quality of software products with the following attributes: (1) defects kept within the System Reliability Engineering defect budget, (2) test, build, and deployments are integrated and automated, (3) adhering to coding best practices and principles.
    2. Reliably writes unit and integration tests for code. Writes readable tests.  Understands the tradeoffs between unit, integration, and end-to-end tests. Understands the key concepts of test-driven development.
  4. Outcome Management
    1. Ensures that the right challenges are tackled at the right time and with efficient use of resources. 
    2. Coordinates with teams across the organization on projects to define problem, refine builds and turn builds into results; works with others on the team to get input, feedback and guidance on builds.
    3. Delivers high quality builds under supervision, within scope of request and on time; pays attention to the details and sense-checks the build to ensure that it will solve the customer problem.


About You

  • BA/BS/Masters in Computer Science or Engineering, or other quantitative focus >
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Must have strong front end skills and experience in ReactJS
  • Demonstrate knowledge of web technologies
  • Working knowledge of databases and SQL
  • Passion for writing clean and efficient code
  • Experience developing highly interactive applications
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies
  • Good written and verbal communication skills with the ability to clearly explain technical concepts to non-technical team members 
  • Strong attention to detail and quality
  • Team player attitude with the ability to work independently and with team members 
  • Flexible and willing to adapt to changing priorities 
  • Aspires continuous self-development and learning 
  • Solid internet connection that allows them to work remotely (allowance provided)



Career Progression

First Circle is deeply committed to a supportive meritocracy.


Beyond personal growth and development, you will play a lead role in supporting SME growth throughout the region. Sustainable capital provision enables businesses to prosper, expand, and improve the livelihoods of the SME owner and their employees – lasting impact on vertical mobility for millions of people. And, you get to grow professionally and financially as a result of solving an acute financial problem for thousands of business owners in the fastest growing markets in the world.

As our company grows, there are countless opportunities for vertical and horizontal mobility: within the same team, moving to or creating a new product function, or being part of the launch team in a new market. Your career is what you want to make of it.  

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