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First Circle is seeking a Data Strategist to join our Data Team. The successful candidate will be a master and curator of institutional knowledge on a particular subject matter, and they are embedded in First Circle's "Tribes" to ensure maximum alignment with the business team. They are experts at performance analysis and are intimately aware of how to wield the powers developed by the Data platform to solve their Tribe's unique strategic and higher level issues.

Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. Depending on the results of the assessment process, we will offer a role at the commensurate level and seniority.


  • Knowledge Creation and Management. Frameworks, tools, and synthesis to be able to document and explain what First Circle collectively knows about a particular topic from various Data Team products and analyses. Performance of "deep dives" to uncover business insight that solves a pressing business concern.
  • Data Analytics. A/B Experimentation, Feature Analysis, KPI definition and computation, and other analyses to ensure that step taken by operations and product teams is in the right direction.
  • Data Product Management. Taking insights from the business, identifying opportunities to automate or improve the business through the ideation of new data products.
  • Business Intelligence. Building generally applicable dashboards and tools to solve large swathes of critical business questions in an automated and self service manner.
  • Data Culture-building. Building the foundational data science analytical culture at a growing company. That includes both training and teaching technical and non-technical people about using data to solve their most pressing business issues.


BA/BS/Masters in Economics, Business, Engineering, or other quantitative focus.

Experience delivering data products or doing data analysis for decision makers in an organization. Internship experience and personal projects are included for consideration.

Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. Depending on the results of the assessment process, we will offer a role at the commensurate level and seniority.


You ideally meet all of these competencies to a high standard; but don't worry if you don't, we will put in place a path for you to continuously learn and get better, as with all members of our team.

  • Data skills. You have the technical skills and number-sense to navigate our datasets and deliver value through data-driven decisions, whether strategic or operational. You have a working knowledge of SQL and a great understanding of spreadsheets or a scripting language (Python/R), ensuring that only your imagination and creativity limit the impact of your analyses. You can or have the willingness to learn and work across various data-related tasks - extraction, analysis, and modelling.

  • Strategic thinking. You understand the level of approximation or specificity that a problem requires, and you focus on the highest impact levers in the organization. You deliver analytical products that are fit for purpose, even without explicit instruction from stakeholders. You are able to breakdown complex and sometimes ambiguous business problems into actionable data problems, and be able to execute on your own or with the help of the rest of the team.

  • People and project management. You can work across functions to foster alignment and consensus on key issues. You deliver high quality results with or without supervision, within the scope, and on time. You have keen attention to detail and double-check your code and analyses by yourself or in collaboration with peers.

  • Communication and Collaboration. You communicate effectively with internal audiences both to ensure that work continues at a fast pace, and to maximize usage of the Data team's products across the organization. You have the ability and willingness to teach yourself and others. You are able to identify the right use cases for the Data team's products and services in the organization and deliver maximum impact for your Tribe.


  1. Competitive base salary and benefits
  2. Medical insurance
  3. We have a flexible remote work and holiday philosophy at First Circle
  4. Visa sponsorship: available


First Circle is deeply committed to a supportive meritocracy.

As our company grows there are countless opportunities for vertical and horizontal mobility: within the same team, moving to or creating a new product function, or being part of the launch team in a new market.

Your career is what you want to make of it and you get to grow professionally and financially as a result of solving an acute financial problem for thousands of business owners in the fastest growing markets in the world.

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